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Tips To Taking Better Pictures With A Digital Camera

Choosing a digital camera is crucial to take better pictures. Thus, learning to capture good pictures helps in promoting your photos with a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). In fact, the versatility and resolution are determined by the lens and the camera, but the photographer alone determines ways to capture good photo, composition and exposure. Here are a few tips to taking better pictures:

Know your gear

Having a DSLR alone is not enough, understanding the gear is important to take improved images. Know your gear and its features. Learn how to use all the advanced features and explore the different modes so that you capture amazing photos. Discover the limitation of your digital camera.

Stop centering the subject

Centering the subject is not required, by default. In fact, place the subject off-center to create an interesting image.  Photographing an animal or a person looking to other side means you may adjust the focus by leaving extra space and take the shot. Do not stop completely centering the subject as it is actually a good idea if you consider showing symmetry or some pattern.

Explore different angles

Take photos at eye level to make the photos look same.  Use your digital camera and try from different angles such as you kneel or even sit to take photos or click photos even climbing a higher vantage point. Pets and children are best to be photographed at their eye level. Shooting from below makes an ordinary object seem imposing and large. Climbing to a higher perspective may be tougher than kneeling, but you will realize the photos are worth the extra effort. A bird’s eye view appears tiny and shooting about eye level is flattering. Look for things enveloping your surroundings and use benches and stairs or carry a step stool, it will help enhance your photography.

Use a tripod when there is low light

If you are using a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera, consider getting a tripod that will help in getting sharper images as it averts camera shake. Shooting in low light is beneficial with tripod and this is great for a concert hall or even while you shoot at dusk. However, for sharper shots, tripods are great even in daylight. You will find it is worth the extra effort to get the best desired photos.

Look for great light

Light is very crucial to take good photos. Professional photographers are adept at manipulating light, but as a beginner, you must know the light handling techniques while taking photos, though you need not be a pro. Take outdoor pictures on an overcast day and you will enjoy photos free of funky shadows and the best part is you do not need a flash. An hour or two before sunset, in any weather and an hour or two after sunrise are amazing times to capture pictures. You take amazing photos by shooting before on a cloudy day when the light is great and it does not need much technical know-how.

Pick a south or north facing window, while taking inside pictures as it will have enough light. Shoot keeping the window behind you or to one side and do not shoot keeping the camera front facing the window directly.

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