20x 18.5mm Dia PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Blue for 1 x 18650/18500 Battery

Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Brand: DMiotech; Material: PVC
Net Weight: 10g; Package Content: 20pcs x PVC Heat Shrink Tubing; Main Color: Blue
Flat Width: 29.5mm/1.2inch; Round Diameter: 18.5m/0.73inch; Thickness: 0.1mm (before shrinkage)

  • Rated voltage:300V
  • Shrinking temperature:80C
  • Shrinking Price: 48p.c(go phase)and 8p.c(longitudinal)
  • Heating instrument: hot air gun
  • Feasture:Flame retardant, environmental coverage, insulation, comfortable, solid efficiency, low temperature shrinkage, shrinking rapid, and so forth.
  • Applicance: used for Single 18650 /18500 Li-Ion Battery Covering.
  • The Battery isn’t included.

Usa of Manufacture: CHINA; Logo: DMiotech; Subject matter: PVC
Web Weight: 10g; Package deal Content material: 20pcs x PVC Warmth Reduce Tubing; Major Colour: Blue
Flat Width: 29.5mm/1.2inch; Spherical Diameter: 18.5m/zero.73inch; Thickness: 0.1mm (before shrinkage)
Reduce Temperature: 80C; Shrinking Price: forty eight+/- five%; Are compatible for: 1 x 18650/18500 Battery
Every Duration: 72mm/ 2.8inch; Temperature Vary: -40C to +105C


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