Auto Freshener Ship Shape Perfume Block Gold Tone

Product Name: Car Perfume Block
Package Content: 1 Pcs x Car Perfume Block
Color: Gold Tone

Open the highest quilt, take the outdoor quilt away, then get rid of the internal quilt, recuperate the highest quilt.Pull double sided tape apart at the base of the bottle,then stick it at the place you want.Note: Fragrance isn’t included here !Retailer:Stay out of youngsters reachStore at a fab or neatly ventilated placeEmergency
PLease spit out and are looking for lend a hand from physician if by chance swallowed.PLease rinse with water right away if by chance sprayed into eyes or onto pores and skin.Please prevent use whereever uncomfortable.For the time being make your are neatly ventilation.Avoid fireplace and ignition sources.
Product Name: Automotive Fragrance Block
Package Content: 1 Pcs x Automotive Fragrance Block
Colour: Gold Tone
Subject matter: Aluminum
Measurement: 10 x 5 x 8cm/four” x 2″ x 3″(L*W*T)


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