Elenco Resistor/Capacitor Combo kit – RCK-465

Combo kit of commonly used resistors and capacitors
Resistor kit with 5 each of 73 values for a total of 365 pieces
Capacitor kit which contains 21 varieties of capacitors for a total of 100 pieces

The scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci is delivered to life via this articulated model. The discovery that impressed this snap-in combination reproduction is taken from the pages of Da Vinci’s priceless and awe-inspiring notebooks. This model is manufactured from plastic, snaps in combination and requires no special gear. The manual could be very instructional and teaches how this invention has evolved into what it’s these days. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mechanical Drum is a cart provided with an amply sized drum. When pulled by its take care of, the gears flip the 2 lateral drums, that are fitted with pegs. The pegs move a complete of ten drumsticks that make them beat the huge drum. No batteries required. Often referred to as DV001.
Combo kit of repeatedly used resistors and capacitors
Resistor kit with 5 every of 73 values for a complete of 365 items
Capacitor kit which incorporates 21 kinds of capacitors for a complete of 100 items
Total, this kit incorporates 465 items of to hand resisters and capacitors
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