M1-50 – Siemon M1-50 Block

Mounting Bracket part number: S89B

M1-50 Block The M1-50 is a proven, economical connecting block resolution for category 5e network cabling. These options make this block a great selection for supporting nowadays’s Top bandwidth technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Gigabit ethernet. The M1-50 66 block is totally compatible with all business usual accessories and contains a variety of to be had mounting accessories that permits the M1-50 to be put in in almost any setting. VoIP and 1000BASE-T In a position — Ideal to be used with all category 5e applications together with VoIP and Gigabit ethernet Wide AWG Vary — Terminates 22 – 26 AWG (0.81 – 0.41mm) cast insulated cable or 18 – 19 AWG (1.02 – 0.91mm) cast stripped cable Sturdy Design — Top affect flame retardant thermoplastic Integral Jumper Control — Fanning strips supply Control for horizontal cabling and cross-connect jumper wires and offers a labeling surface for circuit identification S89 Compatible — Mounts to S89 series stand-off brackets to supply area for routing cables at the back of every block
Mounting Bracket phase number: S89B


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