Pocket Tone Generator

Quickly isolate noise problems and locate the correct speaker wires in a car.
Runs on 9-volt battery
Provides 800 Hz frequency

The N-899 Pocket Tone Generator is what each installer wishes to try inaccurate parts in a stereo machine: audio system, amplifiers, equalizers, digital crossovers, and the like. the usage of the alligator and RCA phono plugs. Directions integrated. This nine-Volt unit is designed to offer an 800 Hz check tone. The alligator clip output can power a 2, 4, or 8-Ohm speaker with as much as an 8-Volt P-to-P signal. The RCA lead outputs provide a 0 Volts consistent tone to power an amplifier, equalizer, or digital crossover. LED signifies On/Off with a Push-On/Push-Off transfer situated at the best.
Temporarily isolate noise issues and find the right kind speaker wires in a automobile.
Runs on nine-volt battery
Supplies 800 Hz frequency


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