Sigma sd Quattro H Digital Camera Body

51MP equivalent
Dust & splash proof magnesium alloy body
2.3MP viewfinder

The Sigma sd Quattro H Virtual Camera is a extremely distinctive APS-H sensor mirrorless digicam designed with the Foveon X3 Quattro direct symbol sensor. This sensor produces imagery similar to that of a 51MP DSLR with a Bayer-trend sensor. Its new bodily design touts a -mode autofocus machine, using segment detection and distinction detection for optimal efficiency, whilst a dirt and splash evidence magnesium alloy frame make the program rugged and excellent for harsh stipulations. Additional features: LCD screen; standing LCD screen; 2.3MP viewfinder; Tremendous Fine detail mode; AUTO mode; 3.8 fps continuous taking pictures; plus more!
51MP identical
Mud & splash evidence magnesium alloy frame
2.3MP viewfinder
Tremendous Fine detail mode
Twin TRUE III for prime-speed processing


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