Simrad TP22 Tiller Pilot

Easy to use
Precision steering
Battery optimization

Simrad TP22 TillerpilotsWaterproof sealing for defense of the weather and reliable use Extremely quiet benefit from the silence of boating SimNet patible easy plug and play DIY installation (TP22 and TP32) Simple operationSimrad TP22 Tillerpilots – Yachts as much as 36ft.Prime performance for small to mid range sailboats Simrad Tillerpilots are designed for top precision reliable autosteering whilst drawing low current to optimize battery life. The hard dressed in Water resistant body comprises all controls and has been tested for plenty of hours in total immersion. Exceptionally quiet in use the Tillerpilot gives fast and sure performance for effective guidance in a variety of sea states and wind conditions. A spread of pilots offers performance to fit so much small to medium sailboats. The Simrad TP22 and Simrad TP32 Tillerpilots be offering Simple interfacing to external devices the use of Simrad’s proprietary work system SimNet. When interfaced enhanced options such as sail to wind or sail to waypoint are easily accessed by means of the important thing pad. The remendations think typical coastal sailing conditions and in circumstances where extended voyages or more extreme weather conditions are expected the selection of a better specification pilot is remended including the entire range of Simrad underneath deck pilots. Product : SIMRAD TP22 TILLER PILOT UP TO 36′ Manufacturer : SIMRAD Manufacturer Part No : TP22 UPC : 098964113874
Simple to make use of
Precision guidance
Battery optimization
Water resistant sealing


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