Southwestern Bell S60861 High Speed DSL Filter

Filters unwanted noise in a DSL line
Fits between the phone line and your telephone device
Low pass design protects device from high frequency noise

House Conversation, DSL Telephone Line Clear out Tester, Prime Speed Set up Prevents Interference With Telephone Apparatus.
All phone units for your DSL-enabled family will have to be attached by the use of a Clear out like Southwestern Bell’s S60861. This low move Clear out protects voice units (telephones and faxes) from Prime frequency noise and likewise preserves the DSL signal via taking away noise that is introduced via analog telephones.
Filters undesirable noise in a DSL line
Suits among the telephone line and your phone software
Low move design protects software from Prime frequency noise
Protects DSL signal from noise introduced via analog telephones
Simple to make use of, easy to put in


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