Teleflex AR4502RM Raymarine Smartstick Rudder Reference

No external black box electronics integrated into sensor body, making cable easy to route through
Rigging with no splicing
35 of cable can be trimmed to any length and jacket is labelled

SmartStick is a non-contact autopilot position sensor that mounts to Teleflex outboard entrance mount
cylinders (HC5345, HC5358*). The brand new SmartStick models replace the former technology AR4102
and AR4202 models. There are three new SmartStick models to be had.

  • No external black field ? electronics built-in into sensor frame, making cable simple to route through
  • Rigging and not using a splicing
  • 35? of cable can also be trimmed to any duration and jacket is labelled
  • Digital Electronics are more resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) ? cleaner signal permits autopilot to accomplish better
  • Installation of sensor is more handy and faster
  • Part Numbers are autopilot particular, no jumpers to cut
  • Lower cost

*HC5358 will have to be put in on Yamaha and Evinrude engines with AR4502 series SmartSticks to make sure ok clearance. Putting in AR4502 series with HC5345 on Yamaha and Evinrude outboards might lead to interference between the sensor and the cylinder.

AR4502 Series Specifications
Resolution 0.012″
Linearity 0.048″
Repeatability 0.024″


Salt Spray 1000 hours

IEC IP67 (Submersible to 1m)

Immune to filth, oil, SAE Fluids

Thermal Shockand Vibration


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